Shiling Industrial Development Zone, Shishan, Nanhai District, Foshan , Guangdong


Corporate Philosophy

时尚  人本  艺术  健康

益高(EAGO)顺应全球化极简和轻奢设计家居流,并延续经典匠心精神,从一体化研发设计、 一体化产品布局、一体化品牌运作到一体化服务保障,演绎品质主义的新美学潮流,始终坚 持“努力让顾客感动”的服务承诺,为每一套精致卫浴空间提供“时尚 · 人本 · 艺术 · 健康” 的整体卫浴解决方案,满足每一位用户其尊崇、享受的卫浴生活。

益高(EAGO)开启专卖店内卫浴间“体验式”高品位服务,在“水舞天下”的情怀中体验 亲水的抚触享受,携同每一位专注品质生活之人致力于人居新环境的完美打造!

EAGO conforms to the trend of global minimalist and light luxury design home furnishing, and continues the classic ingenuity spirit, from integrated research and development design, integrated product layout, integrated brand operation to integrated service guarantee, deduce the new aesthetic trend of quality doctrine,always adhere to the service commitment of "strive to make customers moved".For each set of exquisite bathroom space to provide "fashion, humanism, art,health" overall bathroom solution, to meet every user their respect, enjoy the bathroom life.EAGO starts "experience" high-grade service in exclusive stores to present "Dancing in the water" with everyone, who is concerned with quality life and wishes to build perfect living environment.